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Diamond Dragon
Diamond Dragon 1




InviZimals: The Lost Tribes





Diamond Dragons skin is entirely covered in diamonds, making it one of the most durable InviZimals of all time.

How to get Diamond Dragon


A Diamond Dragon is a Wyvern, meaning it is a two-legged dragon with two wings and no arms. Its back and head is covered in blue-grey diamonds and green crystaline spikes. Its wings are cased in blue diamond. Green lines run across its sides. Its claws are green.

In-Game AppearancesEdit

Diamond Dragons are rare InviZimals that only appear after the completion of the game. The first appearance is in the Diamond Dragon Cave were it is used by Jerry. Its second appearance is when it is used by Irina in the Star Dragon Cave.


Diamond Dragons are combat specialist Rock Dragons. They are tanks, with 42 Armour at Max and 29 Attack at Max, along with a 420 Armour max. They only have one small weakness. They have terrible Stamina and Stamina Recovery stats. This leaves them overwhelmed by faster attackers, such as Spectral Dragons. Their strong attack is a Break, which helps to combat pesky Spectral Dragons. Their quick attack is a Burn, making them an easy choice against the high attack Jungle InviZimals, such as Jungle Dragons and Lightning Dragons.

Stats On Level Nine*Edit

Life 196

Stamina 120

Stamina Recovery 11

Attack 19

Armour 27


Diamonds are the hardest material on earth. In fact, they say diamonds are forever. Now, imagine an InviZimal dragon, with his full skin covered in diamonds, head to toe. No need to cover, no need to run away: if you own one of them, chances are he won't get scratched in combat easily.


Stats On Level Nine: information from the Official Site.

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